ALKUP GROUP was established in 2008. We are located in Struga - R. Macedonia. The main activity of ALKUP GROUP is casting alloys of aluminum and zinc, and finishing of castings with drilling and grinding.

Our company has about 20 employees. Our advantage as a small company is the ability to offer great flexibility in operation, we can easily adapt to customer requirements, both in terms of making the required form of castings by the client, and in terms of ordered amounts, to produce a quality product and offer a good price. On the other hand, our location, less than 10 miles from the nearest airport - St. Apostle Paul in Ohrid, and approximately 180 km from the port of Durres - Albania, offers a great opportunity for rapid delivery of products anywhere in the world.

We have a 5 custing machines by the IDRA manufacturer as follows:

1 Casting machine with capacity of 160T;

Casting machine with capacity of 225T;

Casting machines with capacity of 400T;

Casting machine with capacity of 600T;

Hydraulic press with capacity from 30 to 80T:

Toolbar for drilling and grinding of castings.

So far we are producing castings for the ALFERALUMINIUM - Germany and EMO Ohrid - Macedonia.